Vacation at the traditional Vietnamese capital

The old monuments and colonial architecture of the Vietnamese capital, along with its modern developments attract a great number of tourists each year. The charming capital city of Hanoi becomes much more appealing due to the presence of wonderful sites of Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum and Hoa Lo Prison. The numerous lakes, parks, shady concourses, temples and pagodas also play a vital role in beautifying the city. You can easily explore these fascinating sites via taxis.

Immerse yourself in the captivating sights in the picturesque Vietnamese capital. You will get a chance to engross into the traditional Asian lifestyle, while you stroll through the Hanoi markets, lakes, puppet shows and ancient temples. See the unique art performances, which truly reflect the city’s rich cultural heritage and turbulent history. Yes! The city has a turbulent history since the day it was first crowned as the capital city. It is amusing to know that the city, which is a beautiful tourist destination with 2.6 million people living in its urban center today, has previously been occupied by the French and the Japanese. It has also been bombarded by the Americans. You can still see the marks, which the events in the past had left on the Vietnamese capital. Hanoi does not only have a history of changed rulers but, it also has a history of shrugging off names. About 1000 years ago, when it first became a capital, it was known as “Thang Long”. In the later days, because of being located amidst two rivers, it was named “Ha Noi” in the year 1831.  Whatever changes it may have gone through, Hanoi has always been traditional.

The bustling Vietnamese capital, Hanoi is an abode to countless interesting attractions for you to explore. All loyal Vietnamese people find Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum as the most important site in the city since their nation’s hero; Ho Chi Minh is laid out here. You will find hundreds of people at this site each day. Ho Hoan Kiem is another important site of historical significance.

Vietnam is a place of traditions and traditional art. The popular water puppet show is one of this art form, which has existed here for years. The skilful puppeteers of the water puppet theatre move their puppets around the small pond like stage with the use of bamboo poles. It is an experience worth watching.

The typical Vietnamese food is another fascination of Hanoi. Find some or the other food stalls at literally every corner of the city. Some of the food will appear to be uncommon if not strange or it may even seem to be inedible but, make a little courage and eat. You are most likely to ask for more! Enjoy any of the scrumptious selection of pastas, baguettes or salads of the Little Hanoi 2, which is a lovely open-plan café in the Vietnamese capital.

Since you have travelled so far, why don’t you get something for yourself from here? Go and shop in the greatest Hanoi markets. You are going to find a whole street full of shops, where each one of them sells silk. Either buy the silk clothes or get yourself the fabric, which you can later turn into a shirt or a gorgeous dress.

Enjoy your stay in the enchanting Hanoi, Vietnam and visit again!

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