Travel Interview with Kanika Gupta from Lifeoutside2by2

1. Tell Me About Yourself, A Little About Your Country And Your Work?
I am a travel writer from India and have been working as a freelancer for the last 5 years. My love for travel instigated me to build a life of location independence. Today I earn consistent income from my freelance work that allows me to travel freely all over India an beyond.

2. What Is Your Favourite Tourist Place In The World?
I have been exploring Kashmir for the last one year and haven’t done much else. So naturally it is my favorite place for now.

3. What Kind of Tour You Prefer?
I am an intrepid traveller and do not enjoy the certainty that comes with itineraries. I like to travel without a plan and take it as it comes.

4. Your Scariest Travel Experience?
On my first solo trip, I was staying alone in a hotel in the middle of nowhere. The room next to mine was occupied by some drunk and stoned guys. They saw me outside my room and started banging at my door, asking me to open up. They did this for 3 hours and finally left at 4 AM when I threatened to call the police. I didn’t sleep that night and checked out the first thing next morning.

5. What Was Your Most Rewarding Trip?
My most favorite travel memory is Gurez. That was my first solo travel in Kashmir and it was very special because it helped me explore their culture and natural beauty up close.

6. What Is You Favourite Mode Of Transport?
Public transport or probably my own car

7. Would You Visit India? You Like To Say Something About India?
I am from India 🙂

8. Which Top 3 Places You Want To Visit In The World?
Argentina, Antarctica, Greenland

9. What Are Your Plans For The Future?
I want to explore central Asia overland.

10.What Message Would You Like To Give Us?
Travel is to the soul what food is to the body. One should experience the beauty of being on the move. Give your mind the freedom it deserves that comes from being intrepid!

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