Tips for a stress free ski holiday with your kids

A common downfall of taking kids on your holiday is that it becomes a stressful and demanding experience. However, with the right tips and approach, you can ensure that your holiday turns out fun and stress free for everyone.


Finding the right skiing resort is important because you should locate one that caters for families with children. There are many great resorts that provide a wide range of activities that will please every member of the family. You should also consider finding accommodation that is a reasonable distance from the skiing facilities because children can become troublesome if they have to travel too far on a daily basis.

Plan in Advance

Have a set itinerary and plan that considers everything necessary, from be plane flights to accommodation to transfers to skiing equipment. If you have everything organised prior to travelling, the ski holiday will be a smooth experience with limited stress and you will avoid having to pay last minute extra costs.

Lessons and Ski Practice

For a safer experience, it is important to provide lessons for you and your children at the beginning of the trip. Even if they have skied before this holiday, it is a good idea to refresh their skills. You should discuss skiing protocols and address issues including the necessity of staying within the marked boundaries.

Organise a Meeting Place

In the unlikely event of separating from your children and not being able to find them, it is useful to organise an emergency meeting place. Using obvious landmarks that are easily recognised by your children is recommended. You can also write your phone number on their clothing as an extra precaution.

Plan for Bathroom Breaks

One of the most frustrating things that happen when on a holiday with kids is the need for constant bathroom breaks. To avoid this struggle, you should plan bathroom breaks in advance. For example, let them know they should use the bathroom before you leave the accommodation to ski.

Consider Childcare

A holiday is about having time to relax and enjoy having less responsibility. Skiing resorts often have well-established childcare services, which you should consider if you want some time to yourself to ski or to experience other activities in the area such as shopping or restaurants.

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