The Best Time to Go to Southern California

It is the destination to visit any time of year, actually California’s weather is so varied so it is not possible to generalize about the best state to visit exactly this place.

The Best Time to Go to Southern California

It is only depends on what the tourists looking for. The best time to travel the state is autumn.

From late September to early December winter rains have yet to start looming, crowds drop off and shoulder season rates kick in.

Months of December, January and February are best for snowboarding, skiing and cross country skiing also.

In May and June, San Diego doused in fog and beaches become a chilly destination. Regional factors are there to consider in this time.

The Best Time to Go to Southern California

From early July to late August San Francisco gets consistent fog and wine counties like Oakland, Napa, Marin, Sonoma and Berkeley will be hot and sunny.

In Yosemite freezing temperatures recorded in every month of year. In summer Yosemite National Park and Tahoe Lake become so cooler than rest of state and colder in winter also.

In summer the city’s famous fog rolls in, most morning and evening. In winter, the mercury seldom falls below freezing and snow is mostly unheard of.

Month of September is the best month to visit Southern California. Weather is warm and fog has cleared from San Diego and San Francisco, so crowds have thinned from the summer peak season.

The Central Coast shares San Francisco’s climate, most of the times it gets warmer as farther south. In the South of San Luis Obispo seasonal changes are less pronounced and temperatures remain relatively stable year- round.

The Northern coast is rainier and foggier and winters tend to be mild but wet.

The Best Time to Go to Southern California

In September and still more in October the most popular amusement parks Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland both are packed between Labour day and Memorial Day, but crowds subside dramatically in these months.

From late November to early April, Skiers flock to this area for terrific snowfall. Summers are cold around the Shasta Cascades and Tahoe Lake.

Valleys and sweltering deserts make the regions popular with residents of the state. The climate is ideal for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.

The area’s limited rainfall is generally seen between December and mid-April. Sunbathe throughout the year is possible, but only die hard enthusiasts and wet suited surfers venture into the ocean in winter.

It is rarely intense enough to be more than a sight inconvenience in summer, also the water is warmest and fall, but the pacific is too chilly for many.

The deserts including Desert National Parks and Palm Springs are sizzling hot in summer and winter is the time to visit desert resorts


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