Metro Manila Museums to Visit with Your Kids

A lot of parents are always looking for activities for their kids and places they can visit. Although malls and playgrounds would suffice as default options, it would be nice and interesting to bring your kids to places that they do not frequently go to.

Among the places that parents sometimes delegate for school trips are museums; kids will get exposed to varied things and will definitely learn a thing or two when visiting museums. What many parents do not realize is they can visit these museums with their kids too. There are several museums around Metro Manila, particularly Manila and Makati City, that you can visit with your kids. You may choose to visit several museums in a day or schedule to visit one every week or perhaps every month.  Below are some of these museums.

  • MuseoPambata. If you are looking for the most kid-friendly museum in Metro Manila, you need not look further than this museum. Specifically conceptualized and designed to cater to kids, MuseoPambata is just along Roxas Boulevard in Manila. This place is not a business in the Philippines with its very affordable entrance fee of Php 150. Your kids will have fun going through various interactive exhibits. This museum is not the typical just-look-no-touch kind of museum, so just let your kids enjoy and roam around.


  • National Museum.A list of museums to visit is not complete without paying homage to the National museum. Located in Ermita, Manila, this museum is home to thousands of items and artifacts highlighting fine arts, natural history, archaeology, and ethnography, among others. The entrance fees are very affordable at Php 50 for students and Php 150 for adults. You might want to allot a day for a trip to this museum to be able to fully appreciate it. Note, however, that small kids will probably not enjoy this one too much.
  • Ayala Museum. If you want a museum that’s conveniently neighbors with a mall, then go to the Ayala Museum. Just right outside Greenbelt Mall, this museum is home to pieces on Philippine history and art. The entrance fees are slightly more expensive at Php 350 for access from the ground floor up to the third floor for non-Makati residents and PhP 425 for access up to the fourth floor. Kids will particularly be interested in the Diorama exhibit where they will find big 3D models of different ships.

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