Interview with Dessy A Beautiful Traveler from Tales From Earth

1. Tell Me About Yourself, A Little About Your Country And Your Work?
I’m originally from Bulgaria, a small country located in East Europe. I have also lived for many years in Spain, in Russia and now in Australia. So because of that instead of saying I’m from this particular country, I like to call myself more a “citizen of the world”.

Bulgaria is very unknown for the biggest part of the world. Is a very small country with only 7 million people. Is one of the oldest countries in Europe, with UNESCO word heritage sites, full of beautiful orthodox architecture and art and amazing nature.
The cyrillic alphabet (the one used in many countries like Russia) was created in Bulgaria.
And the food is amazing! Bulgarian feta cheese and yoghurt are very famous world wide! Same as Bulgarian roses, which are used to produce many cosmetic products.
I studied History of Art at Uni but since I was a kid I knew that I wanted to be a flight attendant. So I became one and did that job for more than 10 years. But after so much time, I got tired of it ans quit. Now I’m an aspiring journalist and a travel blogger.

2. What Is Your Favourite Tourist Place In The World?
I have many favourites but one that will be forever in my heart is Iran. Is such a beautiful and misunderstood country. The art, the landscape and the people are just to die for. And It has so much history and culture. The Persian Empire was one of the biggest and greatest in the old world.

3. What Kind of Tour Do You Prefer?
I don’t usually do tours but the few times I did them they were trekking/hiking related tours. I have always explored the world by myself.

4. Your Scariest Travel Experience?
Skydiving in Australia and diving with sharks in Palau. I wouldn’t say those experiences were scary, but more of a shot of adrenaline.

5. What Was Your Most Rewarding Trip
Iran for sure. Iranians are the friendliest and most hospitable people I have ever met. I have been already to 60 countries so I mean it when I say that about them. They constantly help you without wanting anything back. You walk on the street and people stop you all the time to ask you were are you from, to offer you tea, etc. The amount of hospitality is insane.

6. What Are You Favourite Mode Of Transport?
Train. I love it! You get to see so much of the country and the culture. And you also meet super friendly local people. I love long train journeys.

7. Would You Visit India? You Like To Say Something About India?
I have been once in India but I can not wait to go back. There is still so much to explore. I want to go to Kashmir and also to Spiti valley.
For me visiting India was such a shocking experience but in a positive way, since the culture is so different, but so rich and diverse. The colours, the smell inside the temples, the art, the architecture, the food, the energy. Is amazing! And I love love love Bollywood movies and music!8. Which Top 3 Places You Want To Visit In The World?
I want to visit all the countries but right now in the top of my list are Afghanistan, Bhutan and Nepal.

9. What Are Your Plans For The Future?
No idea really. It depends on many factors starting of course with how work/money will be. But I do have in mind living for a while in Japan and somewhere in Southeast Asia. Even India! I would love to live there for a while and learn some Bollywood dancings.

10. What Message Would You Like To Give Us?
To travel. Is the best thing you can spend your money on. The world is so beautiful and full of amazing people in every corner. There is so much you can learn from other cultures. Just go.

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