Interview with Beautiful Traveler Sarina

1. Tell Me About Yourself, A Little About Your Country And Your Work?
So I am 21 years old and I am starting this September with my studies. I study economics. My hobbies are reading and doing a lot of sports in my free time. I dance latinamerican dances. For example cha cha cha or salsa…

My country is typically known for its chocolate and Fondue (melted cheese, we eat it with bread). We are a small country so that you can visit every part in Switzerland within a few hours. My city has a big lake in the heart of the town and mountains around it.

2. What Is Your Favourite Tourist Place In The World?
Last summer I had the chance to visit Cape town and I loved it! It’s such a beautiful place and what’s more very affordable. So you see a lot for few money.

3. What Kind of Tour You Prefer?
I prefer calm, unspoiled places. I love to be in the nature and find special places no one has seen before. But I also find the city life quite interesting with the architecture which is everywhere different.

4. Your Scariest Travel Experience?
Well haven’t had that many yet but I am really afraid of heights. So me and my friend went on the highest bridge worldwide to do bungee jumping. To make it clear I did not jump but I went on the bridge to support my friend. I was really scared because there was an aisle built up next to the bridge. Only when you went through it you could go on the bridge. The aisle was made out of metal grid so you could see the ground when you looked down. I walked probably 1 km/h on this thing. Felt like ages till I reached the end. My legs had never felt this wobbely before and the most horrible thing was I had to go there back again!!

5. What Was Your Most Rewarding Trip
I think when I went to Kruger park Safari. It was soo amazing to see all the different animals. We were so lucky because we could see every animal they had in the park. Even the really rare ones. I will never forget this experience.

6. What Is You Favourite Mode Of Transport?
I love traveling by plane even when I don’t hate anything more than airports. I always feel unsafe and tense when I am in one. Maybe because of the cameras and security checks. I always feel like a criminal even if I am not😂.. but coming back to the plane. I like to see the world form above.

7. Would You Visit India? You Like To Say Something About India?
Was never really on my bucket list.. maybe because of the rumors that India is really unsafe for a woman. But except from that I think India has many beautiful places too and the food is delicious!

8. Which Top 3 Places You Want To Visit In The World?
For sure number one is JAPAN! I want to go there since I turned 11.
Then I would like to go to New york and also other places in America.
And third.. I really like to visit the North and I was in Amsterdam before and fell in love with it. So, probably more parts of the Netherlands, Holland or sweden I wanna visit.

9. What Are Your Plans For The Future?
I want to make the people more aware of reducing there consumption. Less plastic, less traffic, cars and other pollutions!! We have to change a lot and I want my job to be helpful for such changes!

10.What Message Would You Like To Give Us?
Travel as much as you can! So that you learn from other countries how to do things or not to do things. Be open-minded and do not judge somebody just because he/she does something you not used to. Try to be more aware of the impact you have when buying something. Try to use less plastic. But most important live your life like you want and not like others want you to live. Be happy in and out.

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