How to Take Advantage of That Carry-On Luggage Only Flight Deal!

If you have ever signed up for any type of travel email mailing list, then you have seen an email with flights for ridiculously low prices. The catch, it seems, is that you aren’t allowed to take on any checked baggage. Not even if you pay for it. Leaving you with what you can get into a carry-on.

Once would-be travelers read this part they quickly delete the email, resigning themselves to the fact that they couldn’t possibly pack enough into a carry-on bag to suffice for the weekend. After all, it can’t be done.

Or Can It?

Just How Big Is a Carry-On Bag?

The first thing to do when you see these emails come into your inbox is to visit the airline’s website to see what the baggage allowance is. As a general rule, you are looking at a bag around 22 inches high, 12 inches wide, and around 9 or 10 inches in depth. If the carry on bag that you currently have is smaller than this, then I think you just discovered the reason why you don’t feel like you can pack everything you need.

Don’t Take Your Routine

If you look at your bathroom basin and wonder how you could take your beauty routine with you, you’re looking at it all wrong. Instead of taking what you use each day, head to the Groupon Coupons page for Kohl’s and get travel portions of your regular beauty products. Remember, you only need enough moisturizer and cleanser to last you the weekend.

Whether you choose to get travel portions or make your own, make sure that they are TSA compliant, to prevent you from having them confiscated before you get a chance to board the plane.

Now, Let’s Tackle Your Clothes

If you are only going away for the weekend, you only need one shirt for each day. Not two t-shirts and two collared shirts, and two polo shirts. Two shirts. The best choice would be one shirt and one polo shirt.

When it comes to pants, it’s often a rule to divide by three, given the long life of jeans. However, if you’re going away for the weekend and you’re on a tight packing budget, then you will be fine with one pair or jeans and a pair of shorts.

Shoes. This is where most people get caught off guard because they make the mistake of wearing their comfortable flip-flops on the plane. Instead, pack one pair of sandals in your bag, one pair of dress shoes, and wear your comfortable sneakers on the plane with you.

Now you just need to add a pair of swimwear, and two pairs of socks and underwear for each day that you’re away, and your carry-on bag is set!

The next time that you think you couldn’t possibly get your weekend life into a carry-on, remember these tips and enjoy the advantages which traveling more will bring to your life!

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