Buenos Aires: A Land you can call Home

Called as the ‘Paris of South America’, Buenos Aires in Argentina is a perfect tourist destination. Nestled between the picturesque beauty of lush fields and serene waters and the heart warming welcome by the amiable people of Argentina draw you in and make you feel at home. The vibrant city is a blend of colonial-style architectural buildings and contemporary condos with a diversity of culture offering every taste. If you are into scrumptious cuisines, music, dancing, excellent wine or socialising for fun then the grand city of Buenos Aires has got everything you want to spend a perfect vacation.

View over Avenida 9 Julio and the obelisk in Plaza Republica:: Buenos Aires:: Argentina.

Major Tourist Attractions
The world famous tourist destination, Buenos Aires in Argentina encompasses some of the beautiful and invigorating tourist destinations to make your stay exciting and enjoyable.

• Plaza de Mayo
With ancient ruins and modern gatherings, Plaza de Mayo is a square located in the heart of the city. It encompasses many ancient landmarks, cathedrals and the famous National library. The war paintings and cultural work of art exhibited at the Museo Historico Nacional, the national museum tells the history of Argentina. The large arches along with the historical charm of the only colonial Spanish town hall, Cabildo attracts many tourists.

• Jardin Botanical Garden
Known as Jarden Botanico, this lush landscape gives an opportunity to enjoy the different species of plants and flowers near the streams with statues beautifying the place. Once can also plan a day out to the Jardin Zoological Park where one can be a witness to the various animals and birds.

• Recoleta Barrio
The posh Recoleta Barrio encompasses the popular Recoleta Cemetery known as the resting place of Eva Peron and her family, a well known family of Argentina. The cemetery is surrounded by striking tombs inspired by the Greek shrines and pyramids.

• Teatro Colon
If you are into music, theatre or art then Teatro Colon on the 9 de Julio Street is a must place to visit. The large Italian opera house has witnessed some of the melodious performances and made all the spectators fell in love with the culture once again.

Buenos Aires known to make you feel at home offers its tourists all kinds of stays. From austere to luxurious hotels and inns, this city welcomes you with warmth and affection of the Argentines. It also gives you an opportunity to make your stay adventurous by organizing camping trips or staying at the country cabins.

Early morning in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Things to do in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires makes your vacation fun-filled and relaxing. Walking in the city exploring its historical ruins to spending your evening at the musical concerts or jazz and rock shows to getaways at the west of Buenos Aires, the city has abundance activities for its tourists.
With the exciting endless opportunities, the city of Buenos Aires is known as the perfect holiday destination for travellers who love to explore the histories or delve in the conventional music forms or want to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of nature.

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