5 Ways to Invest in Travel and Tourism

Smart investors know that the tourism industry is one of the best places to put money right now. International travel has exploded in recent years due to the advent of low-cost airlines and increased wealth among the middle class. And as nations such as China continue to grow wealthier and their people can afford to travel, global tourism number are likely to continue to soar for years to come.

There are a few different paths you can take in order to invest in the travel sector and make money off the growth in the tourism industry. The first, most traditional way is to invest in big-name airlines and hotel chains. By buying stock in companies like United Airline or Accor Hotels you will make money when they do, though at a slow and safe rate.

For more risk, yet much higher possible returns, you can invest in smaller travel companies such as low-cost airlines or smaller travel agencies. If you choose right, you could get in on the ground floor of the next Thomas Cook or Tui. Likewise, you could invest in individual hotels, even using micro-financing or crowd funding websites to find the perfect opportunity.

International travel relies on currency fluctuations, and you could also learn to invest in them and take advantage of price movements through binary options trading. BinaryOptionsProfessor and other sites offer tutorials on how to trade and how to make money off of the different movements of currencies around the world.

Finally, you could simply invest in yourself and start your own travel or tourism related business. You don’t necessarily have to open your own hotel, either. By starting a travel blog or a website dedicated to finding people travel deals or reviewing international hotels, you benefit by becoming part of the industry.

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